Field Office Workshop 01

The first Field Office workshop was held on 13-14 October 2023, across three sites in London, including: University College London (UCL), Convoys Wharf (Deptford), and the Royal College of Art (RCA). The workshop attracted over 250 applications, from which 50 participants joined in person and 50 joined online. Participants joined from 10 countries, 20 universities, and 15 independent practices.

Through a combination of lectures, site visits, workshops, and panel discussions, participants explored three questions: firstly, how projects create equitable and meaningful engagements with communities; secondly, how data that is collected and generated can be made accessible to communities that are part of sites; and thirdly, how study and design of a site/project, such as Sayes Court, can be distributed across a wider area.

Speakers included: Ed Wall (University of Greenwich), Roo Angell (Sayes Court), Rosie Martin (Sandwich Club), Tim Waterman (UCL Bartlett), Christina Geros (RCA), Elena Luciano Suastegui (AA), Larry Botchway (POoR Collective), and Alfredo Ramirez (AA).

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