Valley Drawing 7

Published 19th October 2020


Taking a global view – Ed interviewed for FWD>Thinking

This summer Ed was interviewed for Australian website FWD>Thinking. See the full interview here >>>

Published 24th August 2020

JAE: Review of Design With Nature Now

Ed was asked to review Design with Nature Now by Frederick Steiner, Richard Weller, Karen M’Closkey, and Billy Fleming (Eds) for the Journal of Architectural Education. You can read the review here.

Published 7th August 2020


Graham Foundation Grant Award

Ed’s research into Expanding Architectural Operations has been selected for a Graham Foundation 2020 Grant to Individuals (Research and Development). The proposal to explore specific forms of global architectural practice was selected to be funded from over 600 submissions from around the world. The research was enthusiastically supported by Michael Sorkin, Ed’s teacher and mentor of over 15 years, before he passed away in March 2020. >>>

Published 16th July 2020


Manifesto for future relations of landscapes

Ed has written an article for the journal of the Landscape Institute, Landscape.

Published 6th July 2020


The Landscapists | AD | 01:2020 | No.263

Who designs the landscapes around us? What practices are employed as contemporary landscapes are produced? This issue of Architectural Design, that was published by Wiley in January 2020 and has been guest-edited by Ed Wall, sets out that landscapes are made and remade through interrelations between >>>

Published 1st July 2020


Advanced Urban research

Ed has been working with theorist Maria Korolkova and researcher Emma Colthurst to develop Advanced Urban, a centre for interdisciplinary urban research that intersects new materiality, media and space. >>>

Published 1st July 2020


Generation Next

Ed is to join Generation Next on 9th July. The international seminar features a candid chats with industry leaders. >>>

Published 30th June 2020

LFA_Landscape Webinar_Invitation

High Streets, Low Lands

In June Ed presented a webinar, High Streets, Low Lands, for the London Architecture Festival. His presentation explored the importance of landscape thinking to the future of high streets.

Published 30th June 2020


Seminar at the GSD

In April Ed was invited to present at a seminar with Chris Reed and Alyssa Battistoni at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. The studio led by Jill Desimini and Rosalea Monacella is focused on design for the near-future city.

Published 30th June 2020