22. Ways of Being Seen

Description: Ways of being seen explores landscapes held in tension by the 100ft monument to the First Duke of Sutherland in the Northeast Highlands of Scotland. >>>

Published 5th July 2021


17. Valley Project

Description: The Valley Project is an exploration of Patrick Geddes valley section as a tool for analysis and speculation of urban landscapes. Extending beyond what Geddes termed ‘natural occupations’, the project proposes that the framework of the valley section be adapted to analyse other relations with land, from historic forms to future urbanisations.

Model 1 of the Valley Project maps relations across a Highland landscape, including processes of making whisky >>>

Published 9th May 2020

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14. Lubricity

Description: Lubricity is a proposal for future London – in the tidal Thames Estuary, where the limits of London are reached and the Greenbelt, transportation infrastructures, and new industries intersect. The design recognises a fluid landscape and aims to slow the need to commute from this urban margin while simultaneously facilitating movement of migrating birds, energy fields, and new public forms. >>>

Published 8th October 2013

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5. Roaming Forest

Description: The Roaming Forest is an urban intervention exploring the making and remaking of public spaces through the hands of individuals, groups of people, and the city government. Following the life-cycle of a nursery-grown tree, the project begins with saplings planted in vacant lots before they transplanted to mobile containers and moved around the city to create small public spaces. As the containers deteriorate the trees are planted where they stand.

The project was selected for Timing 2010, the Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, >>>

Published 1st September 2010