21. The Landscapists

Description: The Landscapists explores expanding fields of landscape. It began as a commission for Ed Wall to guest-edit an issue of Architectural Design (Wiley 2020) and was developed further through a series of international seminars and a public exhibition. The Landscapists has involved almost 100 leading international landscape researchers, designers, artists, and scientists who have shared their unique landscape practices. >>>

Published 30th January 2020


Cities, after landscape: an approach to incompleteness

Ed presented a keynote lecture at the 2019 International Landscape Architect Symposium at Beijing Forestry University. He presented his research that intersects cities, landscapes and incompleteness.

Published 27th October 2019

Incompleteness… Ed presents approaches to incompleteness at ECLAS 2019

Ed presented his research on incompleteness at the ECLAS 2019 conference at NMBU in September. This work follows on from previous published work on incomplete cartographies for OASE Journal of Architecture. >>>

Published 19th September 2019


Keynote at IALE 2019, Milan

Ed presented a a keynote lecture at the International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE) conference in Milan in July. Addressing the theme of Nature and Society facing the Anthropocene Ed presented work connecting direct actions of environmental protest >>>

Published 14th August 2019


London Festival of Architecture: Launch of Testing-Ground 02: Other Sides

The second issue of TESTING-GROUND journal will be launched on Thursday 27 June at the University of Greenwich as part of the London Festival of Architecture. >>>

Published 29th June 2019


Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Harvard University

Last month Ed was invited to present his research at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

Published 19th June 2019


Sensing Site – Approaching Estate

Ed presented his work on incomplete cartographies at Furtherfield >>>

Published 11th April 2019


Ed to speak at Edinburgh College of Art

On Monday…

Published 21st March 2019


Landscape Citizenships: A Symposium

Grounded in the discourses of ecological, watershed, and bioregional citizenships, this symposium seeks to >>>

Published 19th October 2018


Design Agency symposium at Architecture Association

Join the Design Agency within Earth Systems symposium at the Architecture Association next Friday. >>>

Published 19th October 2018