TESTING-GROUND, Issue 03 Youthhood, will be launched on Thursday 20 January in London’s Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Join the contributors to discuss the articles that examine worlds through youthful eyes, make evident young ambitions, and aim to empower young people to design their cities and landscapes. Youthhood includes contributions by Ed Wall, Carmel Keren, Claire Edwards, Reza Nik, Dan Cui, Averill Dimabuyu, Kazeem Kuteyi, Emmanuel Adarkwah, Kristofer Cullum-Fernandez, Simeon Shtebunaev, Rebecca McDonald-Balfour, Jude Daniel Smith, Fida Sassi, Daze Aghaji, and Sarri Elfaitouri. The work of the contributors amplifies youth voices within and beyond the design disciplines that form our landscapes, cities, and territories.

TESTING-GROUND was founded by Ed Wall and Alex Malaescu in 2015 and is focused on research, experimentation, and design of landscapes, cities, and territories. It provides a platform for critiquing established theories and exploring emerging ideas across politics, ecologies, and design. Each issue addresses challenges faced by our inhabited landscapes, calling on all who interact with our shared spaces to examine how theories and practices may be realised through new approaches and methods.