After 1 symposium, 5 yrs, 17 contributors, 216 pages, 2 generous reviews & 1 great cover image, Landscape and Agency has been published.

Thanks to:
– all those who were involved in the initial Landscape and Critical Agency symposium (UCL 2012), especially to the speakers, Jill Desimini, Matthew Gandy, Jon Goodbun, Jonathan Hill, Jane Hutton, Douglas Spencer, Lisa Tilder, Jane Wolff and Daniel Zarza;
– all the contributors to the subsequent book, including Murray Fraser, Ross Exo Adams, Jane Hutton, Jane Wolff, Amy Strecker, Maria Giudici, Peg Rawes, Katya Larina, Paul Cureton, Jill Desimini, Camillo Boano, William Hunter, Douglas Spencer and Don Mitchell;
– all at Routledge for their patient support;
– Ian Thompson and Grahame Shane for their kind reviews;
– and to Teddy Cruz for the amazing cover image!

You can order a copy here!