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14. Lubricity

Description: Lubricity was one of five proposals commissioned by the Architecture Foundation and Royal Academy to explore London As It Could Be Now: New Visions for the Thames. Responding to a project and exhibition of works by the architect Richard Rogers titled London As It Could Be, Lubricity imagines a contrasting future that questions future work, architectural forms, and urban centres.

Lubricity is a proposal for less known London – in the tidal Thames Estuary, where the limits of London are reached and the Greenbelt, transportation infrastructures, and new industries intersect. The design recognises a fluid landscape and aims to slow the need to commute from these urban margins while simultaneously facilitating movement of migrating birds, energy fields, and new public forms.

Lubricity was presented at the Architecture Foundation and Royal Academy. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, and published in Strategies for Landscape Representation (Cureton 2017), Architects’ Journal, Building Design, and Arch Daily.

Date: 2013
Project Studio (Ed Wall)
ALL Design/Will Alsop (George Wade)
A Small Studio (Helena Rivera)
Alex Malaescu
Kate Priestman Ecology (Kate Priestman)
Battle McCarthy (Chris McCarthy)