The finalists for the Water Works Parkitecture competition were announced last week.  Ed’s Project Studio led a team that has been shortlisted. Other finalists include Sasaki Associates, Martha Schwartz Partners, AECOM and Nomad Studio.

The project, titled Park Works, is a collaboration across landscape, engineering, infrastructure and architectural disciplines. 

The Park Works proposal sets out a new, dynamic, and working park for Des Moines, Iowa. The design creates a responsive and adaptive plan that will develop, over days, seasons, and years, from the scale of the watershed to the everyday experience. This unique Park Worksplan allows park managers, individuals, and communities to share information, learn from, participate in, and build the spaces, structures, and activities of the new Des Moines Water Works Park.

The international Water Works Parkitecture competition is organised and sponsored by the Des Moines Water Works Board and Iowa State University. The competition encourages responses that will consider the park and river as a public open space that combines the ecology and the community and contributes to wider social, economic and environmental success. The second stage of the competition continues until December 2011 where the finalists will present their proposals to the jury and the public.

Stage 1 design and image credits: Ed Wall, Joe Sanders and Aaron Carpenter