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Roaming Forest

Description: The Roaming Forest is an urban intervention exploring the making and remaking of public spaces through the hands of individuals, groups of people, and the city government. Following the life-cycle of a nursery-grown tree, the project begins with saplings planted in vacant lots before they transplanted to mobile containers and moved around the city to create small public spaces. As the containers deteriorate the trees are planted where they stand.

The project was selected for Timing 2010, the Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, exploring the tension between the temporary and the permanent and between the planned and the experienced. This municipal-led initiative, curated by Yael Moria-Klain and Sigal Barnir, offers the city of Bat-Yam as a laboratory for examining alternative uses for urban space. Landscape architects, artists and architects were invited to reinvent the spaces, processes and conditions that give rise to conditions of temporality in the city.

The Roaming Forest was published in Landscape: The Journal of the Landscape Institute, Landscape Architecture Network, Abitare, Topos, and the Institute for Urban Design. It was exhibited in: Timing 2010: Biennale of Landscape Urbanism, Bat-Yam; Bottom-Up: EME3 International Festival of Architecture, Barcelona; Going Green in the City: From Garden City to Green City, Garden Museum, London.

Date: 2010
Credits: Ed Wall, Mike Dring, Yael Bar Maor
Thanks: Yael Moria-Klain, Sigal Barnir, curatorial and construction teams